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Extreme,” by Tim Wistrom

Tim Wistrom is a Seattle-based artist who paints surreal, striking images, many of which depict an alternate reality where nature has reclaimed the cities of the world. His art is sometimes whimsical, sometimes eerie, and often both. Favorites include polar bears walking the ice outside of Safeco Field (“Bear Necessities”); ocean engulfing the Capitol Records building in front of the Hollywood sign (can’t find this one online); and a memorable, elegaic image painted just after the 9/11 attacks (“Liberty Awake”).

You can see more at Wistrom’s gallery, which doesn’t actually show the image I liked best (“Rust in Peace,” an evocative painting whose numbered prints were going for $350+, way out of my price range).

  • While it's amusing and all that people think this is a good place to sell their prints, I doubt anyone's ever made a sale here. And it's weird. So I'm closing comments on this entry.

  • Amber Thompson

    I have signed numbered prints Save the Humans with hollywood sign and Liberty Awake I might like to sell them

  • jana

    please tell me what my print of steve wistroms liberty awake is worth

  • https://www.google.com/account


    "Mt Baker" by Tim Wistrom Limited Edition Print S\N 82/950 (Email U Pics)

    I also have A/P (s) by Tim Wistrom !!!

    If interested E-mail me or call...


    (253) 797-8106

  • Nikki

    I have Out of order 177/200 dont have a clue what it would be worth any suggestins?

  • klm98671

    I have several Tim Wistrom Pieces I need to sell. Thet are as follows:

    1) "Save The Humans" Sold Out Edition Not S\N starting Bid

    $500.00 with No Reserve

    2)"No More Reservations"Sold Out Edition Not S\N Starting Bid $500.00 with No Reserve

    3)"Fresh Fish" Sold Out Edition S\Not numbered Bid

    $750.00 with No Reserve

    4)"Survivor" and "Rush Hour"Sold Out Edition Not S\N Starting Bid $250.00 with No Reserve

    5)Title -"Sea Escape"Poster Not S\N Starting Bid $150.00 with No Reserve

    6)Title - "Rapid Transit"Limited Edition Print S\N 132/950 Aslo signed on the back of the frame from Tim Wistrom Starting Bid

    $500.00 with No Reserve

    7)Title - "Down Town" Limited Edition Print Sold Out Edition S\N 129/950

    Starting Bid $500.00 with No Reserve

    If interested please E-mail me or call.



  • Tony

    I am looking to purchase any Tim Wistrom prints that people would like to sell. If anyone has any that they are looking to get rid of, feel free to contact me with the pic and price at afthuyns@hotmail.com

  • https://www.google.com/account

    Its been 4 years since you posted interest in buying T. Wistrom prints but are you or someone you know interested in adding to your collection. I'm selling his work at this time.

    If interested E-mail me or call and Thank You,


    (253) 797-8106

  • Joanne

    I'm looking to sell my "Sea Escape" by Tim Wistrom A/P 99/1000.

  • Dave Forbes

    We have "Orcas Island" (#723/950) and are thinking of selling it. We bought it at Tim's studio in LaConner and it is framed and beautiful. We are going to buy another of Tim's prints and are huge fans. Let me know if you are interested in buying it at bbbbz@comcast.net

  • Tony

    I am looking to purchase any Tim Wistrom prints that people would like to sell. If anyone has any that they are looking to get rid of, feel free to contact me with the pic and price at afthuyns@hotmail.com

  • jmk

    im looking to buy "orcas island", a print or a painting, this is the one with the king dome in seattle...........

  • danielle jacobs

    i am looking for a place to purchase a couple of prints at a reasonable price...i am not looking to become an art collector (ebay has an original for 15K) anyone have any suggestions?

    thanks, twodjacobs@yahoo.com

  • Shawn Larson

    think it will make things easy if I leave my Email address for replys hehe.


    thank you

  • Shawn Larson

    Im looking to sell a couple prints that I have. Urban Renewal and Fresh Fish. Both have been framed and in top condition. I was wondering if anyone could give me a value range at witch I can sell them for.

    Thank you

    Shawn Larson

  • suzie tucker

    I have a print of "Den of Antiquity" signed and numbered 619/950. I would like to sell it, if the price is right, however I am unable to find any info about that particular print..is it out of print? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


    S. Tucker

  • sea-tac RAY

    love my orcas island print #158/950. cant find much info on these prints either.got mine from wife on b-day in '93 .treasure the print,time and place.seattle was so cool in the early 90's. print is a little out of place since moving to reno.still love my wistrom!

  • Anonymous

    Please keep in mind when you are dealing with a sold out print that the secondary market really has no set rules...you put the price on the piece that you are comfortable with and then you can try and find a buyer who is willing to pay your price. If you feel its worth $2000 and you can find a buyer then I guess you were right...if you want it to sell quickly then put a more reasonable price on the piece and I can almost guarantee it will sell quickly. Keep in mind that you most likely only paid $40 to $100 for any of his prints unless it was a canvas edition. Its hard to find someone willing to spend several thousand dollars on a print when his originals start at $500 and up. Just try to keep it real when dealing with a secondary market re-sell.

  • Ryan Davis

    I have "fresh fish" 721/950 professionally framed and matted. I absolutely hate the thought of getting rid of it, but I have student loans to pay off. If interested, email me.

  • David Forbes

    We would like to know the value of our "Orcas Island" by Tim Wistrom. It's #723/950 print. We can't find any information. Thank you.

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