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Explored the new Seattle Public Library central library building today — my first time! Can’t believe it took me almost a year to get there. The building itself is amazing, playfully chaotic but totally self-consistent. You could lose yourself for hours just exploring the twisting spiral, whimsical furniture, and soaring lines before realizing you’ve forgotten to pick up a single book!

I totally recommend a visit, but in the meantime feel free to browse my flickr photoset below. You won’t get the whole, wonderful experience but hopefully it’ll whet your appetite:

Photoset: Seattle Public Library

In other news, flickr got bought by Yahoo! — congratulations, guys! You totally deserve it.

  • matthew

    cleaning up a detail, it is rem koolhaas not rem koolhaus.

  • Oh! Then that's clever. :)

    Would you know I spent about 60 seconds looking for the architect's name when I first posted the photoset but then got distracted by writing this blog entry!

  • matthew

    I guess that didn't work. Rem Koolhaus is the architect of the library.

  • matthew: umm.... okay? ^_^;

    muckdog: Thank you! And thanks for visiting!

  • Nice pictures. Just found you via gailontheweb.

  • matthew

    R[apidly,] E[ye]-M[ovingly,] K[ewl!] H[ouse] for books.

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