Portable love


I did tell you my computer exploded, right? This is my new lovely & tiny little laptop. So small I had to buy a portable DVD player bag, because none of the laptop cases were small enough!

I’m still trying to get used to having five to six hours of battery life per charge. The upside is that when the battery indicator suddenly gets to the halfway point, I don’t have to start saving all my documents (don’t even really have to when the battery indicator’s nearly empty, either!).

[This has parallels with my move from Canon to Pentax in the digital camera realm, because for some reason, Canon engineers have developed the most useless battery life indicator ever: one step that reads “full” and another that reads “halfway” but actually means “you’ve got two shots left, so dude! make them count!”]

Add in a beautiful widescreen, transflective display and built-in DVD burner and, well, I think you can call this love.

But! I reserve my judgement until we see where things are in two years. Laptop love is too-often cruelly short-lived.

  • Ana

    =) Did you ever find anything that was cross-platform?

  • Hee! Well, I wasn't really giving you grief. Just that I'd tried that program before too and gotten the same kind of response. :)

  • Ana

    Hey... what's up with giving me the mac grief when you just bought a vaio? thppt.

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