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When I’m in visual mode it’s super-easy to start getting frustrated with my design skills, so naturally I’m contemplating a full makeover again. But first I’ll be trying to upgrade to Movable Type 3.1, so I may be quiet for a bit as backend stuff happens. Crossing my fingers!

Today I went and voted, because That’s What We Do (you did too, right?). Running for the Dem nomination for governor was someone listed as (and legally named, turns out) “Mike the Mover,” who apparently is something of a well-known character come election time. He ended up in third, ahead of three other candidates. I’d be scared, but I think we were scraping the bottom of the barrel at that point.

And yay for Deborah Senn: as a friend of mine says, if you’ve got big business scared of you, you must be doing something right!

Voting always makes me feel a bit queasy because filling in those little bubbles brings back all sorts of standardized test damage. Kept my thoughts centered by reminding myself that at least they’re not Diebold machines — now there’s a nightmare! — and tho my ballot was spit out three times by Mr. Scanning Robot, things turned out well.

Can’t wait ‘til November!

  • Nina

    Can't wait till November? I can't wait till this Sunday!

  • Hmm, what're the benefits of 3.1? Not that I can consider it right now as I canna afford the $100 price tag. Nice to see they did provide some unlimited personal user pricing though!

  • I upgraded to 3.1 last week - with everything crossed, as it was rather like doing open-heart surgery compared with the putting on a band-aid of most software upgrades.

    But it works! And the gui looks a bit different - which is the aim of these things, I think. Runs like treacle, tho :(

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