Boxing day


My whole life seems to revolve around boxes these days. At home, there are boxes coming in, nearly every day, due to some strange confluence of factors I don’t fully understand. There are packing peanuts too, but I Just Don’t Want To Talk About It Anymore (whoever invented packing peanuts should be shot). My workplace is moving, so there are boxes there too, sloppy specimens that shout, “Yuki made this!” — and, yes, the peanut guy’s fate goes double for packing tape’s inventor.

I feel like I once had a lot more to say. Lately, I sit down to write something down and end up with a headache. So I take the easy way out and post a photo or two, which can be nice, but on a regular basis probably as unsatisfying for you as for me.

Thing is, I can only do one thing at a time, creatively. If my mind’s in a visual mode, if I’m taking photos or drawing or painting, my writing shuts down. When I used to sing, I completely had no eye. I can’t even consider music or art when I’m writing and on a roll. Picture these as boxes, and well, my brain can only be in one at a time, and likes to get comfortable; these cycles last for weeks or months at a time. It’s not that I don’t want to be able to do these things simultaneously — I do, and it pulls at me because I want to do Everything All The Time — but haven’t figured out how.

So right now I’m clearly in a seeing world. I promised myself a couple months ago, when I got upped to a trial pro account at flickr, that I would prepare and upload at least one photo a day, which I’ve totally held to. I’m happy with the results, too, but truth is my fingers are itching to write. Two months to my thirtieth birthday; can I learn to juggle this late?

Anyone have any tips?

  • Loliinspired

    Nyah, nyah, *I* already know how to juggle. Girl Power!

  • Most men have that. A one thing brain. So you might have a boy-brain.

  • Well, Jim essentially said everything I was going to say, but I wanted to add: don't necessarily be afraid of NOT juggling. Sometimes one mindset or one idea deserves your full attention in order to do it justice. I can't count how many times I've skimped on something I probably would have done exceptionally if I hadn't been distracted by something else at the time. Sometimes singularity is a good thing-not always, but sometimes.

  • Jim

    Oh, I forgot. One really fun thing to do is make dorky little art projects for people based on things that they've said or done. Like this or this.

  • Jim

    Tips on learning how to juggle?

    Try two balls with one hand first. Once you've got that, introducing the third isn't that hard.

    Seriously, though, have concrete, discrete projects. A couple in each "mode" (verbal, visual, manual) that you can return to when you're in the groove for that particular mode. The projects should have names, but don't ever tell anyone about them until they're finished (and maybe not even then), because they will be sublimated into vapor under the very pressure of someone else's expectations.

    Break larger projects into sub projects which are interesting in their own right (with their own names). A huge project is some scary ju-ju. Lots of little projects, less so.

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