In a cosmic joke, I had hiccups for eight hours yesterday. This is a fate I wish on nobody, especially since it came on the heels of ten hours of airplane travel. By the time I was able to get to sleep I’d been up for twenty-six.

What takes the cake, though: waking up after something like that means a whole new kind of muscle soreness. I’ve got pain in places I didn’t even know existed.

Kind of hurts to breathe. I don’t feel right at all.

But at least I’m not hiccupping. I’ll take my blessings where I can.

  • yukino

    Oh my god.

  • It sounds awful that you had the hiccups for that long.

    But at least you didn't have the fate of Charles Osborne who is in the Guiness Book of World Records for having the longest attach of hiccups... from 1922 to 1990.

    You'd think someone would've wanted to put him out of his misery after, say a year of that. Geez.

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