Gingered out


For the first time in well over a year, “ginger altoids” is no longer the top search engine referral to this site (cf. Zeitgeist). Somehow this makes me feel a little sad.

  • Meanwhile, I finally found G.A. at my corner bodega...

  • shadows

    That is indeed quite sad.

  • Although I notice neonepiphany is still the number 1 result when searching for ginger altoids on yahoo.com.

    Frolic in brine?

  • It may be the end of an era!

    "Frolic in brine" does seem to inspire a certain interest though.

    Yet some terms just need to die. For some reason "Fancy Writing" seems to be my top search term which I find uninteresting. The article no longer even exists on my site so maybe it will die out.

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