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Sorry for the quietness around here lately. I’m working on a Secret Project, but it’s taking up all my time. However, there are a few things of note to mention.

One, if you venture down to Portland you absolutely must grab dinner at Murata. We had shogun-nabe (a giant Japanese hot pot full of seafood and other goodies — heavenly!) and to-die-for amaebi nigiri.

Two, have tickets to see Howard Shore conduct his Lord of the Rings Symphony at Benaroya Hall on Friday. Related, but not exactly pertinent, came away from Portland with a copy of Ian Brodie’s Lord of the Rings: A Location Guidebook (as well as more mundane items like Rough Guide to Sydney and Fodor’s New Zealand). Planning, planning, planning.

Three, well, I guess there is no three. So instead here’s a reworked excerpt from something I wrote back in 2002:

“I come bearing good news,” he announced, hamming it up. “There will be a grand banquet to commemorate this glorious occasion!” He held the bags up at his sides and winked, before disappearing back through the doorway.
I tiptoed into the kitchen, trying to get a glimpse of whatever he’d bought, but he was onto me.
“No fair peeking.”
“Are you sure you don’t need any help? You’re not doing this alone, are you?”
“Honestly, Tara, I’m on top of it. This is fun for me.”

  • It amazes me how much I miss everybody, even though it feels like it was almost naught but a blink and a blur.

    Yuki, I have missed being under the kind and gentle tutelage of the master. When will you return to us?

  • loliinspired

    The government wants Achtung Baby to fix the mess in Iraq?

  • pixel

    What perfect timing. I'm off to Portland in a few weeks. :)

    Secret Project. Hmm.

  • loliinspired

    If I guess the secret project, will you tell me if I am right?

  • i'm jealous of your friday plans... not to mention your travel plans. sheesh.

  • sue

    can i expect a visitor to the land of the long white cloud?

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