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Celebrate the nation’s birthday by going over the border and spending lots of cash! That’s the order of the week here in n(e) land.

The main event, of course, was dinner at Tojo’s, which is an occasion always worth writing about. Tojo’s features an omakase meal option, which is a “chef’s choice” six- or seven-course feast that has never been the same twice for me. mpd had only just discovered the restaurant in the last month and had never done omakase, so our mission was clear. Even A. (usually wanting a mix of tried-and-true with the new) succumbed to it after hearing about the daily special, a twice-a-year bluefin tuna steak in a plum sauce.

Needless to say, the tuna dish (pictured somewhat abstractly in today’s bullet image) was tear-inducingly sublime. Other excellent dishes included a smoked tuna-and-salmon salad with dungeness crab, lobster and sliced geoduck with a mustard dressing; braised sablefish over mixed vegetables; tuna tataki, the old standby; and more. The final dish was a green tea ice cream with mixed berries that killed our plans to go to La Casa Gelato (198 flavors!) after dinner.

Earlier, we ducked into a comic book store (for me, the first time in years), as A. and mpd attempted to suck me back into a world that had me in its thrall back in the late 80s. I can’t tell you how lost I felt in there; I’m not sure I recognized a single book that was on the current single-issues racks. Lots of very cool and pretty indie stuff to be sure, but the only thing I ended up walking out with was a copy of Watchmen, only fifteen years late. Childhood anti-DC bias, you know.

Read mpd’s copy of Daniel Clowes’ Eightball issue #22 on the way home. Now that was good stuff — I’ve been told I need to pick up Caricature and Ghost World and I shall do so post-haste.

Alas, a long delay at the border caused us to miss most of the Seattle area fireworks, though we saw a few go up in the air in both Mount Vernon and Everett. Anyways, we were all exhausted, so it was all for the best.

Didn’t get today off, but that’s par for the course where I work. At least things are slow, the weather is nice, the temperature is low and my spirits are high. Heck, any time I can go to Canada and not get anything stolen or lost is a pick-me-up!

  • yukino

    That would make you correct. My bad.

  • mpd

    I dunno, I thought that picture was of the seafood salad. Excellent regardless.

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