The spam industry


Driving west past midnight over the I-90 floating bridge, heard an recruiting ad on the radio for the Seattle Fire Department that referred to a career in the “Fire Industry.” Is it just me, or is that like calling police work the “Crime Industry?”

Only things I’ve fought lately are spam and malaise. Neither seems like a viable career track.

Watched my first SIFF film for 2004, Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Doppelganger. Was expecting something nameless and terrifying, à la Cure… While certainly spooky at times, there was a surprising amount of humor too, culminating in an Imamura-esque absurdist romp to close. Hoped for a cameo by Kurosawa like in 2001, but no such luck. I took along my DVD of Cure just in case.

I’ve been too busy to really look at the listings, but now have a catalog in hand for easy reference. I’ll miss Donnie Darko (in NYC again this weekend), but hope to catch a healthy number of films before festival’s end.

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  • As a superhero by night, I'd have to say that fighting spam is probably the single most honorable thing for a superhero to do. With the American government attempting to fight crime 'their way', we're content to kick back and use our special 'spam-filter-vision' to weed through people's inboxes to keep them from wanton destruction via porn spamming. Unless that's the sort of thing you're into.

  • Eglantine

    Hey Yuki! Last I checked, spam-fighting was a perfectly viable career in a billion-dollar industry, you should try it! PS Wish I hadn't missed you in NYC... :( Will I see you when I'm on the west coast in a couple weeks?

  • .zannah.

    I just borrowed Cure from a friend but haven't watched it yet, and he mentioned Doppleganger... Looking forward to watching the DVD, it sounds good.

  • Ana

    The procrastination industry, that's the one for me!

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