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Tinker tinker tinker.

Hee. Why is it that every time I design a web site that I want to steal it back for my own?

This one came out pretty well, I think!

  • loliinspired

    Mmmm, nicely done. it is hard to get style, simplicity & function to mesh well and not look cookie cutter. But then again, everything you do has a simple beauty to it.

    (and tha green and black is poo, Yog; make it a 75% grey ;D )

  • Black and green for teh win!

    very nice design, partner! :)

    If you want, you can pretend to design me a new website and keep it!

  • I love that, yukino! Hmmm... why is it every time I design a site for myself everyone tells me to change it? ;)

  • absolutely bee-yoo-tee-ful. :) good job yuki!

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