Beignets and beacons


Another late night at work — am trying to get up to speed on new internal design tools, but availability of documentation seems as spotty as the tools themselves. Nice dinner interruption of crawfish beignets and filé gumbo at La Louisiana, so tasty! But now it’s after midnight, and small comfort.

Stayed up late the last two nights too but for a different reason. Um. How lame would I be to admit I’ve seen Return of the King twice since Tuesday’s DVD release?

But. I. Just. Can’t. Help. It.

Going now to avoid looking too geeky, but let me just say: how much must it suck to pull beacon duty?

  • Ok, I am not a big Lord of the Rings fan but I do remember the beacon thing from the movies.

    Shouldn't Mordor have sent out assassins to take out a couple of those beacons and so break the chain? It seems the armies of Mordor needed more generals who werent manufactured in mud-pits.

  • Dudes better be getting some serious isolation pay.

  • su

    is it sad to have spent friday watching SE of the first two then ROTK

    beacon duty does have it's advantages, secluded loaction, 360 degree views

  • You must control yourself! At least until the extended edition comes out!

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