Sumer es icumen in


It was 81 degrees and sunny in Seattle today: crisp, warm, brilliant.

Of course I was stuck inside doing my taxes. Blech.

  • Taxes keep my mom happy... but at least 99.999999% of the remaining population in pain. :)

    Good luck with those :)

  • Beautiful site, I love it and I love the layout! I'll definitely come back often if you don't mind more company! ^_^

    By the way, if it helps at all, it's overcast, grey, and rainy here in Washington DC-perfect weather for doing your taxes...or at least that's what the IRS keeps telling us.

  • SB

    That is a very cool picture!

  • yukino

    It is, with a silver-tipped bulb.

    No, I didn't finish yet. :(

  • Loliinspired

    Is that a pic of a lamp?

    81 degrees is niiiiice. Did you at least finish your taxes?

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