Early riser


Things I’ve been missing by not driving to work at 6 in the morning:

  • Brilliant indigo-violet sky
  • Plenteous parking
  • Being able to sing in the hallways without shame

It’s v. calm & peaceful in the a.m., but I still feel like a visitor here. Impossible to deny that it’s a nice change, though.

Confidential to Miranda:

Best ice cream flavor ever still available, at least according to F. G. Meyer. Have a pint in hand, am ready for a lovely evening of gluttony.

  • mmm, this flavour sounds fantastic. Problem is, I've been vaguely boycotting H-D for years because of their support for Israeli expansionist policies . . . tell me that doesn't apply any more, please!

  • Parking? At work? How odd!

  • Kallese


    I wasn't so impressed. I don't think I finished a quarter of it. Sorry, you can exile me now.


  • Loliinspired

    Hey, I just started having to drive to work at 6am, and I have discovered all of those things! I say "hello" to the sun when it peeks over the horizon. As lovely a it is, I am still thankful it is only three days a week.

    Tres Leches?? Take a handful of Lactaid with it!

  • Eglantine*

    Oh GOD

    WHY did I eat half a pint of the tres leches???


    But it was worth it :)

  • Kallese

    I, at this moment, have a pint of Tres Leches waiting for me in the freezer, having bought it yesterday. I have never tried it and it sounded elegant and distinguished.

    Our superhero powers are developing nicely!

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