Truly outrageous


  • B.

    You know, when you posted this, I was like ....who cares? And of course, in my high-handed manner, I didn't click on the link.

    But then, I happened to come across the Jem ad in a magazine on the plane ride and the oddest feeling came over me.

    Was it dejavu or did I recall those glittering star shaped earrings and the star stickers on my face from my childhood days? I felt nostalgia, weirdness, and happiness like finding glow-in-the-dark bangles forgotten between the bed crevices.

  • This is the cartoon that introduced me to the word "Synergy." I've been proactively leveraging it ever since.

  • worm

    Jem and the Holograms on DVD?

    Why. . .that's totally outrageous!

  • Damn! I forgot about Jem. I don't think I watched the actual show. I remember the toys and commercials.

    Speaking of nostalgia, I acquired a brand spankin' new pair of ROOS shoes a couple weeks ago. Oh yeah.

  • Alex would HATE that (evil laugh)...

    I used to have a Jem doll. It was like a barbie but squishier plastic and maybe 30% larger. She had the magic star earings permenantly attatched to her ears and everything.

    I want. Actually, I would be interested in having a lot of cartoons on video that I grew up watching.

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