Sunny side up


Weather was absurdly beautiful today, downright toasty at times. Took the opportunity to enjoy nice walks around lower Queen Anne and Ravenna, soaking in the sun, browsing art and music, and playing the window-sill menu game. Felt v. energetic, unusually so for Sundays of late. Simply lovely!

Saw the following sign, proudly displayed by Thai Heaven restaurant:

Specialize in:
Meat & Poultry

Am having a hard time imagining what they don’t specialize in.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Tower Records is apparently pulling up its roots, though to where is anyone’s guess. The south face of the building, usually home to classy pop mural art, was repainted on Thursday to read:

MID-MAY at the Seattle Center Parking Lot

Can’t tell you how long I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around that one.

  • [No author]

    >>Yukino, twenty-something, incurable aesthete, lives in Seattle.

    I miss Seattle, have'n coffee and the water, the big water. Even the names - Leshi, Madronna, Capital Hill, First Hill, Queen Anne

  • Maybe the chef hasn't obtained the coveted "Pastries for Dummies" Cooking Certification of Excellence yet. That's the only *plausible* explanation I can think of.

  • Loliinspired

    Sounds like a good guess, Kallese. Now for the restaurant - they didn't mention pastries.

  • Maybe they're going to have a yardsale?!!

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