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I guess we’ve discovered that science-fiction authors may be either neurotic or vain, and proficient in the use of search engines. Still a bit shell-shocked (though pleasantly), and the tactic seems to have worked because I’m now sufficiently intrigued to pick up Solitaire (Eskridge’s site is quite interesting, by the way, and a local talent too!). Also check out the cover artist’s (covers artist?) website as well — v. nice.

Authors! This is the lesson of the day: Comment in my blog, guaranteed sale.

(Sterling’s own site points to another fascinating destination: Postcards from the Future)

  • Well, you never know, I might be both (grin), it's just that I hate for anyone to think so. I guess that would be vanity.... I will say in all seriousness that I am grateful every time I find my work mentioned in a blog or journal, because it lets me know that the book is alive out in the world. That's important to me.

  • yukino

    Hi again, Kelley!

    I hope you didn't think I was anything but facetious in referring to authors as "neurotic or vain." And I'm looking forward very strongly to reading "Solitaire"!

  • I'm sorry to be thought of as neurotic or vain, but glad that you were interested in Solitaire. I hope you'll enjoy it. And thanks for taking a chance with your money.


  • Loliinspired

    Awesome that Bruce Sterling was in your salon. On the Postcards from the Future page I am voting for Nanoworld.

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