Turnip cakes would have been nice


Interesting weekend: Dim summed with friends old and new, caught a Broadway musical (Avenue Q — full-frontal puppet nudity was as advertised), attended a bridal show, almost killed in horrific car crash minutes before reaching the airport. Thankfully, now safely ensconced at home in Seattle, tired but in one piece.

Predictably my mind is filled with two things only: adrenaline and showtunes.

Part of B.’s birthday dinner was a 5 1/2 pound lobster. 5 1/2 pounds! Poor thing’s claws were bigger than my own — !! — though, presumably, much tastier.

Main problem with lobster for me is trying to reconcile nummy lobster meat with this kind of thing, which, if you’ve lived in Boston for any length of time, is inevitable.

  • Ana

    Damn, this is what comes of reading the entries backwards. That's awful. I'm glad you're in one piece.

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