Blanket punishment


I admit it, I watched the FOX special on Michael Jackson last night, proving once and for all that I am firmly a member of the lowest common denominator. The man is like a train wreck, and though I successfully avoided most of the recent spate of specials and tell-alls, something was bound to show up on my TiVo eventually.

At one point, going into a commercial break, the voiceover said something that I never expected to hear in my lifetime:

Next: Michael Jackson puts it all in perspective.

Good lord. Not something I want to process moments after listening to him explain that his chimps help him clean the house.

  • shadows

    Ah, LCD. How fondly I remember thee. Just remember that we LCDs get to puzzle whole hordes of students each year.

  • We all shook our booties to MJ back in the day, but after he's had (and I quote) "two nose jobs," he can't get anymore lovin'. It's a cruel, cruel world no? :)

  • Loliinspired

    Gonna overlook the MJ thing. Had enormous fun with the blogosphere graph applet; ooohed & ahhhed over Polar Image (now firmly imbedded in 'Favorites') can't believe you fell for the USB toothbrush. So gullible... Lots of love to you, Yuki :)

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