Wedding shuffle


While we are left to wonder how in the world anything ever gets done in the Massachusetts state legislature, more than 1600 gay and lesbian couples were married during an historic weekend in San Francisco. The first of these, Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, have been together for 51 years. Isn’t love beautiful?

Spent the last couple days carrying a deck of cards around, learning how to shuffle while waiting for dinner or watching a movie on the television. Came to twin realizations that (a) shuffling seems to be easier for my clumsy hands when I’m not actually looking at the cards (cf. clumsy feet and Dance Dance Revolution), and (b) Intolerable Cruelty is just as good, if not better, the second time through. I know nobody went and saw this film in the theaters, but do yourself a favor and give it a try (conveniently, it’s just now out on DVD).

  • I would have loved to be in SF this weekend.

  • jet

    Next stop: chip shuffling. And crad cunonitg (sic)!

  • I'll be looking for it at Yo! Video when I'm out next time. We for some strange reason don't watch a lot of movies anymore. Hm.

  • Hurray for Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, and for all of them.

    I recently ordered Intolerable Cruelty on DVD based mostly on recommendations from people like you. :) Hopefully it will get here soon and I will finally get to see it.

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