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Isn’t Poker Night something that only middle-aged men and college students do?

Was watching the 1944 version of Gaslight, a delightful film which has, as one of its many high points (has Joseph Cotten ever made a bad movie?*), an 18-year old Angela Lansbury in a maid’s outfit. Angela Lansbury. Was she ever 18 years old?

Only now, after watching it again, I can’t tell whether it’s more that she’s always had something of a youthful face or if even in her teens she looked plenty mature for her age. It’s one of those things one frets about until the realization comes that there’s only one “Angela Lansbury” look, an ageless one — lucky her. Her voice, on the other hand, definitely belongs to an adolescent in this movie, and I can’t deny that she sounds old now. The Voice of Dorian Gray, I guess…

* IMDB notes that Mr. Cotten appeared in a 1979 film entitled Island of the Fishmen which promises to be fantastically bad. Not having seen it, I reserve judgment.

  • Col. Hacker

    Like trackjack, Col. Hacker refers to himself in the third person. The Col. plays every other Thursday with friends in their twenties and early thirties.

    Unlike trackjack, the Col does not host these gatherings. Instead a man who owns two purpose built poker tables, and whose wife organizes "Girls Night Out" every other Thursday, has that honor.

  • trackjack

    au contraire, mon frere! trackjack, whose college days and middle age (feel jurassic and imminent respectively but) lie equidistant from the now, hosts a cracking poker night every Fourth of July weekend. the stakes are high, the guests are ravishing, the scotch is single malt, and "Kenny Rogers Is The Gambler" is occasionally screened. perhaps one of these years you can be lured to attend!

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