aus bologna


Thanks so much for the story suggestions so far! Robot love, escalator shootouts, motorcycle races, evil vending machines, mall store Santas… Keep them coming. You are completely insane, and I love you all!

As for the rest of my life at the moment, I can sum it up in two words: mmmmmm, mortadella.

  • o rupert everett! how unlike mortared sausage you are!

  • nina

    mortadella -> dellamorte (dellamore dellamorte)

  • This is wonderful! I've copied this comment into the "official" entry just so I don't lose it.

    For everyone else who is hopelessly confused:


  • man from the bank falls in love with protagonist and writes (with pee) "I love you" in the snow in the wee hours of every morning outside the window of the protagonist.

    ha. now i bet you feel even dirtier. hahahaha.

    ok. i'll behave. you started it ;-)

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