The Boston-based Francis Kim Band — my favorite! — will perform their first New York City set at the Baggot Inn this Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. If you happen to be based around there, you really should take this opportunity to catch some wonderful music.

From the announcement email:

Saturday, September 6
The Baggot Inn (www.baggotinn.com)
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
82 W. 3rd Street, New York, NY (between Thompson and Sullivan)
Our first show in NYC! The Baggot Inn is a fantastic little Irish bar in the heart of the Village. Robin Lang and Eugene Song will be joining us on backing vocals and lead guitar.


Porcelain shrine

Oh, did I mention? The bathroom is repaired and lovely, and I even installed a brand new toilet (mostly) by myself! Am flush with success.

Fried Frozen Twinkies?

Recently seen at Target, yet another reason the world hates America:

The All American Corn Dog & Twinkie Kit
“Make Fried Frozen Twinkies!
“They’re so easy to make… place stick into the Twinkies®… and freeze. Then dip them into Twinkies® batter and cook. In less than a minute everyone will be feasting on the best dessert they’ve ever had.”

Wait, maybe I can get Jet to try it…


Channel distribution

After two years, have finally hooked up the digital cable box, which has otherwise been gathering dust, and lo and behold! Look what I’ve been missing! TCM, Sundance, BBC America, IFC… This weekend I’ll be able to see Ripley’s Game, starring John Malkovich, based on Patricia Highsmith’s followup to The Talented Mr. Ripley. Also recently recorded are The Trials of Henry Kissinger and The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl. With all these films, I’ll most likely have to upgrade the TiVo one of these days.

For about two seconds this week, I briefly considered rekindling my Netflix subscription. Guess not.


Into the fryer

Note to self: dangers of upgraded TiVo include possibility of unbounded viewing of Food Network programming, v. dangerous. Case in point: tonight’s lineup of French Fry-themed specials, resulting in nearly unbearable cravings for salty fried goods, even the greasy, fast-food variety… As far as quality, though, will definitely have to mark down Pommes Frites in New York City, as well as Earth & Ocean right here in Seattle, for future (hopefully sooner than later!) visitation.

More television: BBC America has enabled me to begin watching Coupling, which is completely fabulous in a very English fashion, unlikely to translate well to the soon-to-premiere American remake. Tell me, is British English so much a foreign language that we need to redo everything so that US audiences can digest it? Has any British drama or comedy series been recreated in superior fashion on this side of the pond?

Hmm? Well, yes, of course I’ll be TiVoing the remake. I am a glutton for punishment, after all; I mean, I watched the 1998 version of Psycho, for crying out loud! May even watch that abomination again to approach with fresher (i.e. post-Aragorn) eyes. Ahem.

Still, even I have limits. You’d have to pay me a pretty penny to force me into the theater to catch Richard Gere and J.Lo in Shall We Dance?.


Arterial heartbeat

Seattle, WA | August 2003

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