Fat Kreme a la mode



As threatened.

Jet calls it the “Fat Kreme a la Stone Cold.” I don’t know what to call it. I’m not sure I want to be held responsible for giving this any name at all.

One Fatburger, two Krispy Kreme glazed original doughnuts, and one small cup of Cold Stone strawberry ice cream with white chocolate chips. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that they’ve since opened a Jamba Juice next door.

On the other hand, perhaps that’s best for everyone involved.


The raw ingredients.


Our old friend, the Fat Kreme.


I was imagining a spoonful or two, but apparently Jet has other ideas.


Clearly a fork-and-knife affair. Personally I don’t think he wants to touch it.


Nothing complements the taste of a Fat Kreme a la mode like the smooth taste of the Macallan.


Clearly delirious from the aftereffects, Jet gives the thumbs-up.


Proof of a kind and loving god at last! It’s over.

  • yukino

    I'm a mozilla-user myself, and the images work fine for me. As an anti-leeching protection, the images will not be served out if the referrer is not properly set to a *neonepiphany.com URL, perhaps your mozilla installation is blocking the referrer field?

  • mozuser

    Suck! When I try to view with Mozilla, the images server doesn't allow me to see the images (HTTP 403: Access denied). IE works fine.

  • Charlotte Abernathy



  • TheCheerfulOne

    Flames...From my...face...flames...

  • mlee

    Next will be a MacFatKreme Jamba Shake (Cold Stone) Float? Might need a blender for that one.

  • worm

    Question: Why strawberry ice cream and not some other flavor? Just Jet's choice, or some deeper flavor combination?

  • worm

    Is that the same book as Fast Food Nation? Truly a disturbing look at the food industry.

    Oh, and Jet, you're one hell of a man.

  • Loliinspired

    Amen, jet. I read Fast Food America, and it turned me off all industrial foods.

  • jet

    I felt fine afterwards. I mean, that part that would have been "hard" would have been actually during the consumption of the thing. Afterwards, one should feel no different than if they'd eaten a Krispy Kreme, had a the Macallan, then a Fatburger, and finished it off with some Cold Stone for dessert. I mean, once it's in there, what's the difference?

    Incidentally, I find all of you who find this "disgusting" rather amusing. It's just food... what should disgust you is not this particular combination, but the things that corporate manufacturing processes are doing to the food you eat every day. That, my friends, is disgusting.

  • trackjack

    MMM... the Macallan...

  • It's like watching a gastrointestinal atomic bomb go off; geeze! I wonder how he felt afterwards.

  • Augh! My eyes! My eyes! The burning!

  • Eglantine


    May this get blogged to kingdom come!

  • Jim

    Damaged machinery.

  • freesia

    Dude. Beyond the Krispy Shot, you totally lost me.

  • jet

    Ah there it is, hiding the middle.

    Gotta get the name, right, still, though...

  • jet


    It wasn't a FatKreme a la Stone Cold...

    It was a the MacFatKreme a la Stone Cold.

    Where are the pictures with a the Macallan??????

  • monkeyboy

    A kindler, gentler Fear Factor challenge?

  • "Hey, you made me throw up a little."

    - Happy Bunny

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