The world is charged



Seattle’s back to normal, perfect weather for new grass! Apparently a tornado touched down for a few minutes in Whatcom County last night, which is crazy crazy. Thought I’d escaped that kind of thing when I ran away from Illinois.

  • Loliinspired

    Such a happy shade of green!

  • yukino

    Yes, that's water. Been doing a lot of watering lately. :)

  • mojito

    Gorgeous photo - spring from the ground up! Gotta love a bug's life, eh?

  • Glorious photo. I love how you can even see the droplets of water (I think?) in the blades of grass.

  • shadows

    Mmm... cows eat grass.....

  • What I wouldn't give to see grass like that where I live here in Richmond. Oh how ghetto the ghetto is.

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