Consider this Hidemi “Just Healthy” Blueberry Mix, a delightful blend of “Freeze Dry Blueberry Nuts,” “Green Tea Soybean” and “Sesame Soybean.” As food products go, it’s charmingly tacky in the way only Japanese imports can be, from the cutesy faux-handwriting labelling on the thick plastic packaging to the vaguely microbial appearance of the bits and pieces enclosed within.

Peeling open the bag reveals a sickly sweet cereal smell, not at all unlike your average box of kiddie breakfast fare, with a variety of shapes and colors to match: tiny matte violet spheres, spiny frosted black oblongs, spiny frosted green oblongs, and large, glossy, peanut-sized beige balls, the stuff of post-apocalyptic fever dreams featuring wildly-mutated candy organisms running rampant through the streets. In contrast, most are vaguely inoffensive in flavor, but the last… oh, that last! So horrible that they didn’t even bother listing it on the bag, because “salty seaweed-flavor soybean” is hardly the most effective way to hook in the casual aisle-browser.

Mmmm, delish! How fortunate that I only ate half the bag before I realized that something was seriously wrong. [Eggy, peering at the packaging: “But look, no MSG!”]

On the bright side, today was Girl Scout Cookie delivery day (yay!), so it’s not all doom and gloom around here.

Travel upcoming: Boston this weekend, NYC next, Vancouver and Whistler with the sibs after that. Should be great, if I can survive this week at work!

  • that Berry mix is scary!

  • Loliinspired

    Heehee! I got so caught up in your links yesterday, that I never made it back to comment. Facinating stuff. Yay, Yuki!

  • Travel plans: this weekend, NYC. Next weekend, NYC. Weekend after, rest. Weekend after that, NYC.

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