For Jim


  • Olivo Raquel

    Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are `It might have been.

  • Kaplan Jodi

    I am a hobo in the house of the lord.

  • Geegaw

    Yargh! It keeps on doing that! I even deleted the URL from the box and everything!

  • Hee, the basis for this was trying to write an entire entry made up only of hex color codes, but I quickly folded under the pressure. I like your approach better, G. :)

  • Geegaw

    This one cracked me up! Neonepiphany rocks!

  • Don't do it, Loli. Your skull will liquify when you make truly ghastly mistakes. Trust me.

  • Loliinspired

    Yay! Remember personal info works for me. :D

  • Loliinspired

    Well, that decides it. Today, I experiment with color. You can expect to hear my 'AUGH!' echoing across the internet very shortly. I grovel in your site designer presence, Yuki.

  • Jim

    The final examination for the title of Master Designer is to produce an attractive layout based primarily on that color.

    Now if the comments page would actually remember by personal info when I check the "Remember personal info:Yes" radio button, my life would be complete.

  • MmmmMmmmMMmMm. 3D Beef sounds infinitely more appealing than 0xdeadbeef.

    Spelling cool things would be an interesting method of web page colour selection. Are you planning this?

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