Frolic in brine, goblins be thine


Finally watched Ringu on DVD tonight, which opens the door for me to see Gore Verbinski’s 2002 remake, also released on disc today. I’d already seen the little-known but excellent Korean remake, which scared me completely witless for days (but then, I’m an utter lightweight when it comes to horror flicks), as well as the prequel Ringu 0: Birthday, which made the SIFF rounds in 2001.

The Japanese film is good, though handicapped by the obvious fact that I couldn’t watch it with fresh eyes; with the big secrets out of the way, it was bound to be less spooky, which ended up being the case. The pace is slightly slower, even though its running time is shorter — several scenes present in the Korean version have no analogue — making me suspect that that first remake tightened the pace up and inserted more material to create a denser, more driving sense of tension. No doubt last year’s version will be even more of the same. Still, it works well, though I missed some of the eerier aspects of the Korean (most notably the “soundtrack” to the cursed video, which can still consistently send chills running up my spine). Can’t fault the climactic scene, though! It’s even more shocking and well-done in the original than the version that had me sleeping with the lights on in 2000.

Was cleaning up some music files on my computer and came across this particular atrocity, which for the time being you can sample at your own risk: William Shatner’s rendition of Tom Jobim’s “Insensatez.” How insensitive!

  • Neko Girl

    in my opinion, Ringu's plot was a lot clearer and more creative than The Ring, Verbinski's remake of it. though that red tree was pretty darn cool *thought that was the best part of The Ring* heh

  • Perfect! I shall rename the file "Britney Spears LAsts Hit" and upload it to Kazza. Muhaha!

  • Loliinspired

    Yargh!!! I couldn't delete the file fast enough!

  • jim

    You'd think that someone with Shatner's resources would be able to hunt all the copies of this down and have them destroyed. Unless... he doesn't *realize* that they're embarrassing?

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