Voice activation


Am learning voice commands for the lovely unnamed’s navigation system the fun way: by trial and error.

Most commonly, by some bizarre intuition, I’m misinterpreted as wanting the air conditioning turned up to full blast (I was ever the cold-weather child), but for instance: “Find nearest pizza restaurant” unveiled “Rear Defrost,” and something like “Who has the best chance to defeat George W. Bush?” became “Passenger Temperature 80 degrees.” Evidently my wheels are just as nervous about the election as I am.

(Dual-zone climate control! How fabulous is that?)

I’m thinking of calling her Hattie, as she has so far been quite scatter-brained.

  • Loliinspired

    I like Hattie. Or Tallulah (Lulu for short).

  • There was a speech recognition system for a product my company worked on that insisted "Darth Vader" meant "Refrigerator". I never discovered how they found that out.

  • mlee


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