Let the sunshine in


Things should be a bit brighter around here today, after letting in a little light to reflect a more optimistic attitude. Please let me know if you like the changes or not. Just for comparison’s sake, here’s what it looked like before.

  • mlee

    Wow. Your old site _does_ look remarkably dim and depressing in comparison.

  • Jim

    Naughty, naughty Squig!

  • Squig

    I love it too! :)

    Squig, [spam link deleted]

  • I love it!

  • A subtle change, but it does make the site more assertive and less grey-ly indifferent. Since that seems to have been your goal, I would rate it a successful change. :)

  • Loliinspired

    Yuki, it is a very positive change. Your graphic really 'pops' now. I like it!

  • Jim

    Fly? You mean, like, deck? Totally mint?

    It could only be better if the background was #3DBEEF. Mmmmmmph.

  • I find it more aesthetically pleasing, in other words, fly.

  • The site background is now about 10% lighter, other graphics have been tweaked to favor intense over subdued... though the net effect would depend on the gamma of your monitor, I'd imagine. :)

    Was just getting tired with the oppressive greyness, contemplated a complete teardown of the look but finally decided to try and work within this world first.

  • Beef


  • Jim

    Loading both new and old into separate Mozilla tabs, and switching back and forth makes it really obvious in a 3D-House-of-Beef sort of way.


  • can you give us a hint? even side by side browser windows aren't making it clear for me. I see about 1 percent difference in the background-color.

  • How can we notice anything, when we are already blinded by the sheer brilliance of your site?

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