The awards ceremony hasn’t even started yet, but I think I can already proclaim Renee Zellweger’s hair to be the fashion disaster of the night. Cate Blanchett looks gorgeous (as always)! And Leo DiCaprio appears to have arrived fully at adulthood.

Kate Winslet is wearing what I can only describe as a diagram of a bathtub drain.

The last word you’ll hear from me on the festivities. Promise.

  • Jim

    Who cares? I was digging on Natalie Portman's outfit. That was sharp. Also, Johnny Depp was dapper, yet shabby. How does he do that?

    Here's the interesting bit, to me. Did you happen to notice what Morgan Freedman was wearing? Neither did I. That's what dressing up is all about.

  • Ana

    Yeah, no kidding. What was Renee thinking?

  • sue

    i was sadly dissapointed by ms swanks outfit. She's such a divine person why the hair and dress of an old matron

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