The plague has left Seattle, and health is smiling on the world again. Okay, that’s not entirely true, as it seems that lately almost everyone I know has fallen victim to some sort of virus or beastie infection. In the immediate vicinity, though, things are fine again.

It happened shortly after noon today, and I completely missed it. The odometer on the Altima (O lovely car! To others’ eyes you may be boring, but you were and forever will be my first and fondest) clicked past the 100,000 mile mark. Trivial, to be sure, but we do seem to assign special importance to certain milestones, no matter how small. Besides, if we put so much hooplah into going from 31 December 1999 to 1 January 2000, why not set a little something aside for this?

I first noticed the impending rollover about 1,000 miles back, a few weeks ago. First came irrational panic (“Old! Car is old! Is it already time to start thinking about buying a new car? Can I even afford that?”), followed, after I calmed down again, by silly thoughts (“Should I take a picture when it happens? Plan carefully so that I’m somewhere special at the time? Is now the time to decide on a song with which to mark the occasion?”), and finally by panic again (“Will the car even still be running at 100,000 miles? Will we be at war? Forget the car, will any of us even still be here?”). My mind toys with me that way.

In the end it was none of those things. Just an invisible moment during a quiet commute, somewhere between sliding an Arvo Pärt CD into the stereo and pulling into the parking lot at work. Like so many things that happen in this world, the skies opening wide to reveal the heavenly host was lost amid the routine of daily life. Considering the quiet, steady service this vehicle has given me over the years*, it’s probably as fitting a fête as any.

* my family has a long, unfortunate history of problem cars. There’s much to be said for the pleasures of an uneventful life.

What I didn’t miss was B.’s birthday yesterday, surely a milestone of greater import. Yay! Happy birthday, love.

  • mlee

    I missed mine too... I was like 'oh 16 more miles' and then I was like 'damn'. This was maybe only a month before yours, oddly enough.

    Happy happy!

  • worm

    I feel your pain. I missed the 100K mark after noting it was going to happen soon. Then the little woman couldn't understand why I was upset that I had missed it! Ugh. Women.

  • Jet

    Buick Century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loliinspired

    Happy B-day, B.! Yuki, it was like you were channeling me - hahaha. Yay, for the Altima! (You should get another 100,000 out of it, with proper care.)

  • Happy belated birthday, B! All the best, from us to you.

    And happy 100Kmi, Altima! My baby passed that mark last year and she still purrs when we break 100 on the Arizona highways.

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