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In the meantime, site geekery follows, screened for the weak of heart.

A catalog of site upgrades and changes in the last two weeks:

  • Upgraded the site to Movable Type 2.62.
  • Implemented Phil Ringnalda’s hack for rebuilding an individual archive entry on a trackback ping.
  • Added Daring Fireball’s SmartyPants plugin to do automatic conversion of em-dashes (—), quotes (“a ‘test’ a”) and ellipses (…) to their typographic equivalents. It’s easy enough to remember to type — but it degrades exceedingly poorly in (ugh!) Netscape 4 and — is a lot more irritating to type on a regular basis. (note: I modified the code a little bit to change “ -- ” to “ — ” before doing a straight replace of “--” to prevent bad wrapping issues).
  • The content on this site is now protected by a Creative Commons License. Thanks to Eggy and Caterina for leading the way, though sadly it took built-in support from Movable Type to actually get me to do it.
  • Enabled HTML comments again, thanks to integration of Brad Choate’s Sanitize plugin to MT 2.6. So HTML away!
  • Turned trackback on by default for all future entries. Fixed a problem where autodiscovery was failing on links to this site.
  • Turned on trackback autodiscovery. I encourage all users of MT to do so, it helps build up the usefulness of the trackback feature across blogspace.

A template hint for your comment boxes:

By default, <$MTAuthorLink$> tags open into new windows (with a target=”_blank” attribute). This is so that links from within comments popups will open in a new window, since that box is hardly suitable for full browsing. However, links embedded in comments will still try to open in the same window. To have an all-encompassing solution, put

<base target=”_blank” />

in the <head> container in your comment listing and comment preview templates. However, you’ll need to add


attributes into the <form> elements on those pages so that submitting the forms won’t open new windows.

  • Regarding comments/trackbacks on the zeitgeist, it's pretty simple really. I was thinking last night that I would like to be able to have comments and trackbacks on static content pages on the site, so I came up with a hacky solution: I created a new blog called "Generic," and for each static page I want to add this to, I create an entry. I then changed the individual entry archive for this blog to be just the "posted" div and include it on my static pages using SSI.

    I use file linking in templates and symlinks in unix to make sure my comment boxes use the same template (be very careful, and make backups, you could stomp out your templates by accident doing this). Finally, I grab the RDF information from the new blog's index page and manually paste it into the static page (replacing link info with the new static link) and also the popup javascript.

    It's not as easy or automatic as I'd like it, but I don't envision having to do it for that many pages. The zeitgeist so far, an about page in the future, maybe the nanowrimo pages.

  • I've successfully used this entry as a checklist for everything I needed to do.

  • How in the world did you put comments/trackback on the zeitgeist?! That's such a great idea! Of course, I'll have to follow that in shameless sheep fashion as well. You know, once I even figure out how you did it…

    Eggy is not putting you to shame. Eggy has design twitch. You have an excellent, elegant design that needs only tweaking, not full rebore all the time.

  • Yet more tweaks and updates. "link lists" now have a new look, via CSS-based custom <ul> elements. The old "blogmiscstats" (think "song of the day" listings) and new "footnotes" styles have a new look as well.

    The zeitgeist page now has the ability to receive comments and trackback pings, as well as be autodiscovered.

    There are new fancy bullets between sections of an entry and between entries. Slight tweaks have been made to bring everything into harmony.

    As usual Eggy is putting me to shame with another wholesale redesign. Sigh.

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