Continued geekery


In the meantime, site geekery follows, screened for the weak of heart.

A catalog of site upgrades and changes in the last two weeks:

  • Upgraded the site to Movable Type 2.62.
  • Implemented Phil Ringnalda’s hack for rebuilding an individual archive entry on a trackback ping.
  • Added Daring Fireball’s SmartyPants plugin to do automatic conversion of em-dashes (—), quotes (“a ‘test’ a”) and ellipses (…) to their typographic equivalents. It’s easy enough to remember to type — but it degrades exceedingly poorly in (ugh!) Netscape 4 and — is a lot more irritating to type on a regular basis. (note: I modified the code a little bit to change “ -- ” to “ — ” before doing a straight replace of “--” to prevent bad wrapping issues).
  • The content on this site is now protected by a Creative Commons License. Thanks to Eggy and Caterina for leading the way, though sadly it took built-in support from Movable Type to actually get me to do it.
  • Enabled HTML comments again, thanks to integration of Brad Choate’s Sanitize plugin to MT 2.6. So HTML away!
  • Turned trackback on by default for all future entries. Fixed a problem where autodiscovery was failing on links to this site.
  • Turned on trackback autodiscovery. I encourage all users of MT to do so, it helps build up the usefulness of the trackback feature across blogspace.

A template hint for your comment boxes:

By default, <$MTAuthorLink$> tags open into new windows (with a target=”_blank” attribute). This is so that links from within comments popups will open in a new window, since that box is hardly suitable for full browsing. However, links embedded in comments will still try to open in the same window. To have an all-encompassing solution, put

<base target=”_blank” />

in the <head> container in your comment listing and comment preview templates. However, you’ll need to add


attributes into the <form> elements on those pages so that submitting the forms won’t open new windows.

ID = 266; $post->blog_id = 1; $post->guid = "continued_geeke"; $post->comment_status = "open"; function get_option($option) { $settings = array( "disqus_forum_url" => "neonepiphany", "disqus_api_key" => "P3x8kgUz648mcuWEzpiOyeon4BAhuBlgpNAltiDcoXseti7TJ0uZ3Eko0vdsHgeY", "disqus_sort" => "", "disqus_partner_key" => "", "disqus_disable_sync" => "0" ); return $settings[$option]; } function get_permalink() { return "http://www.neonepiphany.com/blog/2003/02/20T162942"; } function get_the_title() { return "Continued geekery"; } function get_the_excerpt() { return "\n\n

\n\nIn the meantime, site geekery follows, screened for the weak of heart."; } function get_the_offset() { return -8; } function start_mt() { include('/home/ianthe/neonepiphany.com/mt/php/mt.php'); $mt = MT::get_instance(1, '/home/ianthe/neonepiphany.com/mt/mt-config.cgi'); return $mt; } function trackback_url() { return "http://www.neonepiphany.com/mt/mt-tb.cgi/26"; } include('/home/ianthe/neonepiphany.com/mt/plugins/disqus/php/disqus.php'); include(dsq_comments_template(1)); ?>

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