KitKat size comparison


As promised a few weeks ago, a size comparison of all kinds of KitKat bars:


It took a bit of doing gathering all these different sizes together, and I couldn’t actually get ahold of a Japanese Big Kat bar so I’m not sure I can call this 100% representative. I also wasn’t able to get any of the other type of “minis,” which are basically shaped like little balls. I’ve only ever had one bag of those, which were banana flavored, and I sent most of them to Loli, because she is both awesome and likes, um, balls.


The other problem was that I had to open them all for the picture and that meant they had to be eaten. My life sucks, right? (Right.)

As you can see, the mini mini bars are basically two petits put together, which I kind of suspected would be the case. I’m pretty sure also that the standard Japanese bars are more or less the same size as standard American bars. The standards almost seem too big to me now, after so many minis. And the Big Kat is just comically large, like a Starbucks Trente or everything in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

Anyways, I hope this was educational. Mostly, though, I just wanted to use Futura for something.

More Japanese KitKats.

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  • Why am I not surprised only one country has the uber. /sigh

  • Actually, I've seen both Japanese and English Big Kats too. I just couldn't find any for this photo. So don't feel too bad!

  • Excellent comparison image, and good use of Futura, too!

  • Haha, thanks. :)

  • Lori Pierce

    This needs to become a new standard of measurement. Also, the description of Loli is freaking dead on.

  • *makes notes on the Kit Kat sizings*

  • Can I say there is something very compelling about things in a dark brown/light pink color motif to me and this photo may elucidate some of the reason why?

  • Mmm. I will totally share some with you the next time I get a chance!

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