As far as Valentine’s Day weekends go, it’s been kind of a sweet disaster: B. arrived on Saturday night (good!) but brought along a well-cultivated strain of streptococcus A which has pretty much run unfettered through the house in the days since. Alternating between misery and comfort, we’ve watched videos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding and The Bourne Identity), consumed a variety of citrus fruits and mostly-liquid foodstuffs, and spent most of the days unconscious… A few fun plans were necessarily cancelled (ah, for Brazilian food!), but we’re making the most of things.

Departure is slated for Wednesday, but weather conditions in New York City may dictate otherwise. Crossing my fingers!

Thanks, by the way, to Jill, for watching with me (in spirit!) the climactic episode of Joe Millionaire today so that I wouldn’t feel alone in my lowbrow-ness. Since I can’t bring myself to talk about the experience, let me just say that this show no longer represents the nadir of American reality television; how could it, when there are promos airing for Married By America? Eek.

  • Thanks everyone, all better now!

    MBFGWM was fun, in the same lovably haphazard indie way of, say, Kissing Jessica Stein. The best part was seeing a little of our real-life families reflected in the proceedings. Bourne was a lot of fun too! But I'd seen it before; the viewing was mainly for B.'s benefit.

    Lia! When I find myself (inevitably) watching Married by America, you'll be the first to know. :)

  • lia

    I'm a sucker for reality shows, so if you ever find yourself hankering to watch them with someone over IM, send me a message!

  • I feel much better that I wasn't the only one watching the Joe finale. I was embarrassed enough that I didn't tell anyone about it...til now.

    Yes, Rosie is scary. Married by America is no surprise, but frightening as well.

    Ouch - sorry about the strep. Apparently its hit quite a few people out there. No sign of it here yet, but I'm sure that simply by saying that I'll have brought it on.

    Crossing my fingers for you on that weather. :)

  • Mira

    I was felled by Streptococcus A too - my Valentine's gift was a round of penicillin. What wonderful stuff that penicillin is, though!

    Definitely intrigued by the water on Mars, though I can't help but remember the words of Dan Quayle: "If there is water, that means there is oxygen. If there is oxygen, that means we can breathe."

  • Loliinspired

    1)Rosie the Riveter scares me. 2)Married by America scares me more. 3)Weather is getting better, ducks - sorry. 4)HA! on the strep; glad to see I wasn't the only one to be brought to my knees by it. Whahahaha...*cough*...*cough*...ow, my throat... 5)B. is so sweet; I do not feel the first pang of guilt over the strep comment, because you are on the whole incredibly fortunate. Smooches, Yuki! Hugs to B.

  • Abu

    I found MBFGW to be flat somehow, and it seemed to move in fits and starts. Blame the editior!

    Bourne was enjoyable, not entirely predictable, sort of a sensitive action flick. Did anyone recognize Franka Potente from Run Lola Run?

    Just saw the latest Luc Besson joint last evening: Wasabi. A very fun film, if formulaic. How Jean Reno can be so expressive without moving any of the muscles in his face I do not know. I also didn't realize that so many Japanese spoke French. The character Momo is hilarious.

  • I really enjoyed the Bourne Identity. I'd watch it again, even. MBFGW was pretty entertaining as well.

    I've not watched an episode of any 'reality' tv show. I plan on maintaining this record for the rest of my life.

    Hope you're all better, or get that way quickly!

  • Beautiful roses! How was My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

    East coast weather is so balmy right now, it must be like 90 degrees over here *grin*. Actually we had like 2 feet of snow in northern Virginia and about a foot of ice down here at school. The weather looks like it'll subside and you'll get to fly over :)

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