Did I Invite You?


If you happen to be in the Boston area (and lucky you!), you could do a lot worse on Valentine’s Day weekend than to catch the Francis Kim Band at the All Asia Cafe on Saturday night, or next week at the Kendall Cafe.


I’m so sure that I just got a spam mail from eBay/Half.com with the subject line “Smokin’ Dell Deals!

Finally, Movable Type 2.6 has been released!

  • Now I remember where I first saw the pencils, it was this entry at 50 cups of coffee.

  • I hadn't realized that it was a new separator — so seamless and so purty, indeed! Eggy is completely right.

    You're my idol, Yuki. *bats eyelashes*

  • Loliinspired

    Sweet! *sigh* Some day...

  • Eglantine

    I like your new separator - it's purty!

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