Terminal (41/365)



I totally blew out the background in this photo, which makes me really unhappy. But it’s the only shot I took today, and something has to go up.

I’m feeling a little better today, even though I totally threw out my back IN THE MOST RIDICULOUS WAY POSSIBLE* last night and it hurts to sit down or stand up. Tomorrow I’m hoping to see The Secret World of Arrietty, because movie theatre seats are obviously going to be the most comfortable thing I can do for myself in this state. Afterwards, I’m thinking the rack.

Also. Mass. Effect. 3. Demo.

*which may or may not prominently feature PANTS.

Dom has a writeup of the Rilakkuma KitKats up at Skillet Doux! (My own is still here)

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  • Vanlal Tochhawng

    That fabric would irritate typography geeks waiting for their flights.

  • It took me quite awhile before I realized they didn't say anything.

  • Alice

    Mass Effect! Also wow forty posts!

  • I know, right? How unlikely is that?

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