Happy Blogday!


one year!

  • Happy blog birthday! May T'aach smite you with his warhammer of minty blog freshness for years to come :)

  • Loli

    Happy Bloggy Day! (again) No, wait, you said. I may add text, you said. Mmhmm. I hope you keep this blog up for all of your days. Much love. :D

  • Yay! The birth of your blog gave me much joy in the dank depressive oppressiveness that was the last week of my temping career. Although, as I recall, you were sick as a dog. I didn't like that part so much.

  • yukino

    Thank you everyone!!! I'm so grateful to have wonderful friends. :)

    Jim, I didn't know that about Poe's birthday. How wonderful!

  • For a year of wonderful, inspiring work... thank you.

  • Jim

    Did you consciously choose Poe's Birthday to start your blog?

  • g.

    Oh! The sweetest little candle ever! Here's to birthday wishes.

  • Bonne anniversaire!

  • Jo! Up to the next candle. ^_^

  • Geegaw

    Happy first birthday, little neon epiphany dot com! You are a fabulous young blog and I hope this year brings you many posts and even more comments!

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