Midweek checkpoint


Busy, busy, busy, but working my way through Monday’s checklist. Of the seven likely items on the list, four have been crossed off so far (#1-#3, #8). Also, there are plenty of things I’ve managed to do that I completely forgot to list in the first place. Go go gadget productivity!

Oh, and tomorrow I’m going Christmas caroling! I haven’t done anything like that in years, so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Happy birthday, dear freesia! May all your wishes of horns and ponies come true.

Less happy: both rosebaby and swansong are in dire need of good thoughts, so please send any excess their way.

David Rees, in addition to possessing a biting wit, is a handsome, handsome man. The slide show/reading at Confounded Books/Wall Of Sound was a ton of fun, and afterwards he signed my book:

Best wishes UNDER VOLTRON,
David Rees. 12/02

… which totally made my day!

The Way Home is a quiet, beautiful film from Korea that shows the evolving relationship between a young boy and his mute grandmother over the course of two months. It’s a very honest film, the kind that makes one feel intensely guilty because we know deep inside that yes, we were just as cruel, selfish and unthinking to others when we were children; not because we were awful people, but because, well, that’s how children are. I was bawling my eyes out by the end of the movie, which was pretty embarrassing. Afterwards, I wanted to call my parents, my grandmother, my teachers, anyone to whom I could possibly apologize for the thoughtless words and actions of my youth. Luckily, it was almost midnight and etiquette prevented me from making an utter fool of myself.

Tomorrow I call the physical therapist, who finally left me a message. Wish me luck!

  • mlee

    I wish I made an utter fool of myself more often these days... or at least try to do so. Better to do so trying to do accomplish something you value than to do so unwittingly/passively.

  • thank you my dear. it's been a rough week...

  • freesia

    awww. Thanks, baby! It was a great day and I had a lot of fun and tater tots.

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