Frosty wind made moan


Attended a holiday crafts party hosted by nari in Seattle, where I ended up creating pipe-cleaner sushi and other decidedly non holiday-themed ornaments. Also made some kusudama origami with Eglantine, who was a dear and brought me Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy to borrow. Yay!

Despite the wonderful party, the personal high point of my evening was listening to Benjamin Britten’s “In the Bleak Midwinter” (from A Boy Was Born, written when the composer was only 19), as performed by the women of Opus 7 and the Seattle Girls’ Choir in St. James Cathedral. When the heavenly choir of angels returns with the soprano descant in the second half of the piece, it’s just heartbreakingly beautiful.

And in that hall there was a bed,
It was hang√ęd with gold so red.
And by that bedside there standeth a stone,
Corpus Christi written thereon.
Lully, lulley, lully, lulley
The falcon hath borne my mate away.

Britten is my favorite twentieth-century composer; I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything of his that I’ve even thought was mediocre.

If the this all sounds familiar to you, it’s because janjan blogged about the piece less than a month ago! Really, it’s beautiful. If you’re looking for a holiday concert, here’s a tip: avoid the umpteenth Messiah and find the hidden treasures scattered around town.

Craving sushi at midnight equals frustration.

  • next year i'm staying home and hanging out with you and gaw.

  • cheerful1

    I'm a sucker for Britten's toy symphony...was that Britten, if it wasn't, I'm more inebriated than I thought....bad Verdicchio...BAD BAD BAD!

  • hello, don't mean to intrude... stumbled in here from Meredith's blog, artandgender.blogspot.com... most interesting but I was looking for some bio info or a name or something and couldn't find anything... strangely she's never mentioned you to me... so I must ask: who r u?... as a fellow Seattleite I think I'll drop by again soon to learn what other little pleasures of the city I may be missing

  • I went looking for the Ceremony of Carols performance you pointed out to me, and neither HMV nor Tower had it. Alas, the internet for me, and no immediate gratification.

  • Craving sushi in a small Texas town is futile!

  • crash course

    I hope you are sufficiently sated!

    If not, you need to seek professional assistance.

  • Abu

    Alas, Poor Iorek [Byrnison]! (That will make sense later).

    I read the first Pullman book. You can help me to decide if I want to read the other two.

  • Eglantine

    Aw man. Once The Sushi Seals premieres on American TV, you'll be so doomed!

  • There aren't any eating establishments or store that could possibly provide "WHAT YOU CRAVE"?

    Also, I think you'll thoroughly enjoy "His Dark Materials".

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