Friday night was kakumei’s birthday, celebrated by the consumption of red meat and, later, a movie.

This is all well and good, but where’s the party? I’m not talking about going out on the town, getting drunk, going clubbing or whatever passes for adult birthday celebrations these days. What I’m talking about is the good old “birthday party” of childhood days passed, symbolized by Show-Biz Pizza and bowling alleys and arcades. Cake, preferably of the ice cream variety. Slumber parties. “Truth or Dare.” Watching naughty movies after lights-out. Party favors. Dirty jokes. Infantile, maybe, but isn’t the post-25 birthday ritual all about the denial of aging?

I hereby declare that bowling will be the official celebratory event at my birthday. There’ll be pink party hats and 80s music; if not at the alley, then at the slumber party afterwards! Big hair is optional. And definitely plenty of ice cream cake. Mint chocolate chip.

Consider this fair warning.

  • mlee

    Would we be the friends we are now if it weren't for our b-day parties? Okay, probably. But there was something remarkably satisfying about those, wasn't there?

    That one party Gus threw at his parents' place was almost a throwback to those parties of old, wouldn't you say? Hehe.

  • Right on! Bring back the party!

  • Mint Chocolate Chip = Awesome!

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