Currently taking a break at the midpoint of a long meeting, in which the phrase “put a stake in the ground” was uttered no less than twelve times in an hour and a half.

That makes two tents pitched so far. Maybe we’ll have a whole campground by the time we’re finished.

  • Putting steaks in the ground! Keep your hands off my meat!

    I didn't just say that! Help!

  • Michael

    All the cool tents are hexagonal.

  • sometimes I get stake and steak mixed up, so when I read this, you were burying cuts of meat. It was amusing.


  • jet

    Or, "Stick a fork in him."

  • Uh oh, you ratted him out.

    "It means tonight jet sleeps with the fishes."

  • jet

    My favorite workplace phrase was when my old boss, an imposing Italian guy who could have easily been head of the cosanostra, would say, "stick a fork in it."

  • mlee

    Silken tents of despair?

  • I remember being in a meeting last year in which the phrase "lowest hanging fruit" was similarly overused. It made me think of monkeys.

  • I'll come camping. This week is exhausting. All I want are green places and a book. It can rain. I'll stay in the tent. Yes?

  • The circus is coming to town!

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