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Note to self: dangers of upgraded TiVo include possibility of unbounded viewing of Food Network programming, v. dangerous. Case in point: tonight’s lineup of French Fry-themed specials, resulting in nearly unbearable cravings for salty fried goods, even the greasy, fast-food variety… As far as quality, though, will definitely have to mark down Pommes Frites in New York City, as well as Earth & Ocean right here in Seattle, for future (hopefully sooner than later!) visitation.

More television: BBC America has enabled me to begin watching Coupling, which is completely fabulous in a very English fashion, unlikely to translate well to the soon-to-premiere American remake. Tell me, is British English so much a foreign language that we need to redo everything so that US audiences can digest it? Has any British drama or comedy series been recreated in superior fashion on this side of the pond?

Hmm? Well, yes, of course I’ll be TiVoing the remake. I am a glutton for punishment, after all; I mean, I watched the 1998 version of Psycho, for crying out loud! May even watch that abomination again to approach with fresher (i.e. post-Aragorn) eyes. Ahem.

Still, even I have limits. You’d have to pay me a pretty penny to force me into the theater to catch Richard Gere and J.Lo in Shall We Dance?.

  • I saw the NBC Coupling pilot. It's mostly the same dialogue, and is really just a poor imitation of the original.

    The only character I thought had any real business being there was the woman playing Jane, but that's mostly because she was clearly doing her best to impersonate the original as closely as possible -- even the vocal tics. ("Awww, that's ok! We can work on your problems!")

    The male characters were utterly unbelievable, and there was this crappy sitcom-y laugh track after every joke that made me want to puke.

    I think it could have been so much better if they'd have taken the premise, ditched the original script, and let the American actors play to their strengths, instead of whatever strengths the British actors have.

  • lia

    Pommes Frites is great! I stumbled onto the store with YiMay when she was here visiting and we had a lovely snack there. I'll take you there and lots of other tasty places if you look me up when you come to New York!

  • yukino

    Re: Earth & Ocean, I don't know how the rest of the cuisine is... was referring specifically to the frites, which looked positively decadent.

    Bill, hmm, time to queue up another season pass...





  • Earth & Ocean wasn't too bad. A bit over-priced for what they were serving, but that's to be expected with a hotel restaurant. Still, I enjoyed the decor there.

    Agreed on the phear & undeniable desire to watch the NBC Coupling. For gawd's sake, even the trailers/promos for are wretched. I'd imagine it'll be akin to watching a head on train wreck you can't prevent.

  • "England and America are two countries separated by a common language"

    -Shaw, Wilde, Russel depending on who you believe.

  • I too love the BBC "Coupling" show, and dread the release of the NBC version. From what I've seen, they've taken the same episodes (most of the same dialogue even) from the BBC version, and just changed the actors. I've heard conflicting reports on how the US version is from various friends who have already seen the NBC pilot; half say good, half say bad. How they can find American actors to do as well as the UK ones remains to be seen. I don't know how they can find anyone as perfect as the actors that play the characters Jeff and Jane.

    And, the 2nd season of "The Office" kicks off next month on BBC America, too. I can't wait.

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