Why god?


It occurs to me that in a year or two kids born in the nineties will be starting high school. This easily qualifies as the worst revelation of my day so far. Wasn’t it only yesterday that eighties-born high schoolers were the mind-boggling stat of the day?

Time marches on, and I think I’ve just been trampled.

  • JIm

    Wow. I realised this morning that I'm now twice as old now as I was when I started college.

    What seems completely inconceivable is that the second half took exactly as long as the first half. That's not at all how it seems. Perhaps because the first half extends all the way back to eternity from my point of view.

  • Well, my brother,born in 1990, just entered 7th grade this year, so he'll be there in 3 years. ^_~ Not quite as quick but then again, not far off.

  • "A solar eclipse. Nature's cosmic ballet goes on."

    "Does anyone want to, uh, switch seats?"

  • Gee, thanks for the depressing update!

  • We're getting old. Very, very old. There was still free love and shit back when we were born.

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