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I am convinced, as of the moment, that there is nothing quite so divine as coming home after a tiring day of work and having the deletectable aroma of a home-cooked meal wash over one’s face at the door. This Dream is usually denied me; obviously, even when I do cook I have to get home first. Today, that all changed.

All hail the Rival Corporation and that most inspired of inventions: The Crock Pot.

It wasn’t about the Dream at first. In fact, the Device was originally procured entirely for ease of use. The promise of having a succulent stew or chili or a perfect pot roast with no more effort than a little prep and a press of a button was too much for me to resist. I still remember B.’s disapproving look as I pulled up to the checkout aisle at Target with that “pricy, electronic pot.” That was over a month ago.

For awhile, it looked like the Crock Pot would join the Williams-Sonoma Bread Machine (used exactly once in almost three years) in the category of Things We Don’t Talk About. If not for Mrs. Hacker and the recipes she snuck me at EPYC yesterday, that probably would have happened. As a result, this morning found me chopping up some veggies & meat veggies and throwing the raw ingredients of a pot roast dinner into that ceramic chrysalis, knowing it would be at least eight hours before I knew whether I had a butterfly or, well, a dead caterpillar.

As soon as I opened the door, though, I knew something had gone right. The Dream, you know.

Quick reality check: the food wasn’t anything special (though it did smell wonderful!), but it was good, solid and filling, with plenty left over for lunch tomorrow. More importantly, I know I’ve got ideas on how to make it better next time. That’s already one up on the bread machine.

  • Well, the recipe I used was from a friend (EC). It wasn't an exact recreation because I didn't have all of the ingredients handy, but it was fairly close. I think I'm just not as much a wine fan as she is so the amount used was probably a bit overwhelming.

    I was going to try the stew recipe from the booklet next, before I tried tweaking EC's pot roast recipe any further. If I remember, I'll report here how it turns out.

  • T.P.

    I would be interested in your next attempt. It's funny you wrote about this because I recently bought a Rival Crock Pot too. In fact, I was planning on trying the Pot Roast recipe in the morning before I leave for work. I am just using the Rival cookbook that came with it. I tried the beef stew recipe and it was really yummy. But I don't see "red wine" in the ingredients for the Pot Roast recipe though. Is that your own?


  • Well, I pretty much meant that it didn't live up to the smell (or the expectations). It was pretty decent; I did use beef broth, as well, as a couple of kinds of herbs and some red wine. Next time I'll play with the seasoning and maybe not put as much wine, I think the potential is there even though it wasn't quite met on the first attempt.

  • T.P.

    What do you mean the food wasn't anything special? Did you beef broth instead of water in your pot roast? You could also add V-8 juice. That'd be good too.


  • Oh my. I read the EPYC archive and I think I laughed so hard I hurt something.

  • Slow cooking is where it's at. Mmm...braising.

  • jet

    So come over! And bring your yummy with you!

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