Comics hell


A couple things I forgot to mention, mostly about how comics eat the soul.

Wasted so much time yesterday due to combined efforts by explodingdog and dan sanderson, as a barrage of mentions forced me to read through the entire run to date of Diesel Sweeties. That’s 471 strips of low-rez, lowbrow goodness.

In addition, I think I’m most of the way through sgnp’s Super Rocket Monkey and Elephants & Giraffes strips. I started reading these on Monday (lish’s fault) and actually met sgnp at Tuesday (bowling night). Inspired, wacky, and autobiographical (he also has a livejournal, so you can see how things match up between life & comic).

Final notes (not comics related), where I catch up on friends’ blogs that I’ve recently (i.e. in the last week) found but haven’t yet mentioned here: Bob has a blog. Also, Bob has a blog. Tony has a blog. Meredith has a blog. Bertie has a blog. Robin has a blog. Rachel has a blog. Linh has a blog. Read, and learn.

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    M. and H., respectively.

  • Which Bobs are those?

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