Warning: Am about to betray myself as an artistic bottom-feeder.

Austin Powers in Goldmember, the thought of which has been sending shivers down my spine, ended up being tonight’s plan. Guess what? I actually thought it was hilarious, the most nonstop laughing I’ve done in a movie since, hm, My Sassy Girl, probably. Power of expectations, probably, since I had absolutely none. The opening sequence alone is worth the price of admission. Not exactly a masterpiece of cinema, but at least it wasn’t all recycled jokes from the first film like its predecessor was.

At the very least, as far as movies consisting entirely of in-jokes goes, it was more successful than Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Yes. I admit it. Now I’ll go hide under a rock. And please, I implore you, don’t blindly follow me like a lemming on this and then blame me if you hate it. I like Vanilla freaking Coke, for crying out loud.

Nobody’s perfect.

Song of the day: Sakamoto Maaya, “Yubiwa” (from the Escaflowne motion picture)

  • Have you gotten the Escaflowne movie DVD? I'm rather annoyed that I've heard nothing about mine (as well as the TV Box Set) from Planet Anime even though they charged my card. Grrr.

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