Krispy shot menu


Today’s menu:

#27. Chopin Vodka Krispy Shot ~ smooth and satisfying, the complementary tastes of a fine vodka and a warm Krispy Kreme Original Glazed combine to form a “symphony for the tastebuds” (The Village Voice) ~ $10

#28. Glenlivet 12-yr Krispy Shot ~ sharp and sophisticated, for the adventurous diner. In the sixteenth century, Dutch noblemen would enjoy scotch and dough-nuts as a nightcap. Now you can too! ~ $12

  • Shirley Cabrera

    I would love to know the fat content,

    plus the cholestreol level of it too.....My husband has had a quadruple

    by-pass, so I do not know if he can eat

    these wonderful doughnuts......Please


    Mrs. S. Cabrera

    3303 Bobolink Lane

    Rolling meadows,Illinois

  • Jim

    I'm not sure which of the ingredients is being done the greater disservice.

  • Totally sick.

    But only because you didn't have enough shot glasses for everyone. ^_^

  • Where's the Krispy Sapphire? Or the Creamy Krispy Irishman? I demand more varieties so the fun never stops!

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