Digging it out


Spent twenty painful minutes today digging a subcutaneous splinter out of my index finger — ow ow ow. I’ve a hole in my hand to match the one in my arm, now.

Still hurts to do anything, including type* or draw, which is bad, because this is the third night in a row I’ll be at work past two in the morning. In a way, getting that splinter out is like my entire life right now, which means I haven’t had any spare time to spend writing here or posting photos — nothing in the way of creative thinking at all — but I think that things have finally turned a corner for the better.

I mean, I did manage to dig it out, in the end.

I’m just waiting to heal.

* so please forgive this short and rather unpoetic entry…
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  • Vanlal


    Yukino: Stitches coming out of my arm today, too.

    Ouch! What happened? Sorry I'm so slow on the uptake.

  • Ana, that's scary scary.

    I'm pretty sure the splinter was from the park. It came out, but it hurt for quite awhile -- better now, though.

    Stitches coming out of my arm today, too.

  • I don't know. You post more creative photos when on the creatively injured list than I ever have at my best. Hope your finger feels better soon! (And life too, for that matter.) Not being able to type - now that whould really cramp my style. :)

  • valerie

    Are these splinters the result of your pretty pretty pictures? Do you have art-wounds?!

  • Ana

    Heh. Another scary tool: the tire patch kit.

  • Vanlal

    A sharp pin and a sadistic friend always work for me. Also mangos will dull the ache.

  • Or an ironic one, I'd have had to dig out my tetanus shot history!

    pastilla: those look terrifying! I can't pick up anything sharp without, for some reason, imagining cutting lip with it (yes, I know, I'm a freak). People wonder why I flinch when I pick up a pair of scissors or hedge trimmers.

    I guess they would have been much quicker, though.

  • Kallese

    At least it wasn't a subconscious splinter.

  • pastilla

    What you need is a . . . drumroll . . . splinter liberator! (Device to overthrow government sold separately.)

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