London KitKat Diary

I’ve made a pact with myself: I’m not allowed to taste new KitKat flavors until I write up my backlog. Eep! But it’s probably the only way I’ll ever get through it. Better get cracking!

So. I was in London last April. And see, while Japan has to be the #1 producer of KitKat varieties in the world — because obviously — the UK has been the clear runner-up for interesting flavors. I mean… Golden Caramel. I still dream of it.

So, then, KitKats are on the itinerary. And anyone who knows me well will know that I’ve become a real beer geek lately, so this trip was all about finding interesting beer and KitKats (well, and sightseeing, but…), and five days in I’d really not had any luck at locating either, which made for very sad me. On the fifth night, needing a bottle of water, I walked into a seedy little convenience store a few blocks from Waterloo Station, found my water, and… KitKats. And beer, incidentally, but that’s another story altogether.


Double Caramel Chunky KitKat (UK)

I always liked these large-sized bars — you get some real bite from the chocolate and more room to enjoy the flavors (if they’re good). These days, it’s almost a novelty for me to find a flavor with regular old milk chocolate on the outside, but here’s one, and a solid one at that. Inside is where things get interesting: a light beige, fluffy crème with shards of hard candy mixed in, providing super-interesting texture and small bursts of intense caramel flavor. Yum! The only other KitKat I’ve had with a similar effect is Yatsuhashi cinnamon candy from Japan, although the larger format here gives more variety of texture.

But wait! There’s more. The real gimmick here is that the bar comes in two sections, and the second half, instead of having the creme and hard candy bits, has a reservoir of liquid caramel in their place. And, glory of glories, this was pretty much Golden Caramel. Reincarnated. And just in time for Easter.

Glory be.

Sometimes I’m thankful that most of the KitKats I get are mini-sized, especially when they’re sweet. These were very sweet, but I enjoyed eating the Whole. Damn. Thing. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I totally forgot to take photos of the inside of the bars, which might have been useful. Oh, well.

Anyway, moving on:


Toffee Treat KitKats (UK)

I have no idea if “Toffee Treat” is a concept that exists separately in the UK — Google isn’t really helping. I do find toffee to be a real treat in general, though. So I was really looking forward to these.

These come packaged as the familiar four standard sized bars in foil wrap. The coating of the bars is beige, white chocolate-based, with a caramelized, very sweet flavor. If I blinked I could almost imagine toffee, but it seemed closer to maple syrup in general character. More importantly, I like my toffee with a little salt, and if there was any here, I couldn’t tell. That made them a little one-note, which for me means too sweet. I definitely thought the Double Caramel was the better of the two.

P.S. - To clarify, I was looking for interesting bottled beer. In defense of my beer geek credentials, I’d sampled some real ale in a few pubs already. But I did want to find something to take back home with me.

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